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(480) 650-2589

Len Young is available for in-person consultations and mediations in Arizona and South Carolina, and for phone consultations across the United States.

Dr. Young provides the Tomatis® Method (the Tomatis Method) in South Carolina and Arizona specifically, and throughout the United States in general to individuals and groups.

To schedule an appointment or get further information about the Tomatis Method and additional offerings, please contact:

Dr. Len Young
Listening Clarity, Inc.
(480) 650-2589

In South Carolina:
PO Box 1016
Charleston, South Carolina 29402

In Arizona:
77 East Missouri Street #63
Phoenix, Arizona 85013

The Tomatis Method - Free Information Meetings

We hold Free Information Meetings from time to time. Please call or email for upcoming dates. These brief meetings (usually under an hour) allow you to explore the Tomatis Method more fully, including the benefits you or your child can experience, and get answers to your specific questions.  

Individual Exchanges with Len Young

Dr. Young is available for individual coaching exchanges through her Myth Map design. Her work provides you the opportunity to move your life in a new direction—one that you define, create and imagine.

Len assists you in exploring and activating possibilities, whether personal or professional. You may choose to work in individual sessions or in one of her facilitated small groups, where deeply thoughtful and interesting people take a closer look at life options. Topics can be as diverse as starting your own business, or changing careers, to creating renewed and revitalized relationships within family, marriage, friends, or community. Contact her directly at 480-650-2589.