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Tomatis in Schools

Myth Maps Life Reviews and Future Creativities

You are your own partner for this game of life. Len offers a unique game that you play and the person who accompanies you is yourself. It is for one person alone or it can be taken in a group. You create a journey map, your personal Myth Map, starting at birth and creating through to your imagined future. During this adventure, you re-visit all types of experiences, good and bad, enjoyable and uncomfortable; and you see your life through your current lens, as the person whose wisdom informs your thoughts and emotions today.

Your prize is a new look at your life, clear thoughts for your road ahead, and ideas of directions you want to take. These are yours to find and define. It’s fun and very rewarding!


Dr. Young’s PhD is in Cultural Mythology with an Emphasis in Depth (Jungian) Psychology. She is aware of established cultural lenses in groups and is able to communicate with groups to understand opposing or differing views providing ways  to work towards agreement.

In our rushed lives, with our aging parents, or with multiple choices for education today, we can easily miss perspectives that differ from individuals, family and friends. A third party can help move through discussions, listening for each voice, hearing needs and working to solutions.

Dr. Young has worked with families and students to find successful learning outcomes. She has participated in IEP meetings introducing new perspectives related to the ear and its vital place in human development. This non-cognitive physiological approach invites professional educators to think differently and observe their students with new eyes.

As a community volunteer, Len has lead diverse discussions to a compromise or consensus view, moving participants towards positive future action.

We are fortunate to have our parents live many years beyond their parents. With this pleasure come many questions, the biggest being: where will they live? Following that, who will care for them and what will it cost? When issues arise quickly and questions need answers, it is easy to forget our parents have made their own decisions for many years longer than we have been present.

Len realizes the need to help parents and their adult children discuss their futures, listening to both sides and working to a place where parents are comfortable and feel independent as long as possible; and where their children are relieved with their decisions that their parents are happy. All decisions are not easy. Len holds to a high plain where respect and honor are valued and maintained.


Non-profit Advisor
Len approaches each situation with a fresh and creative thought process. She often suggests unusual and new ways to find solutions.

Throughout her career, Len has sat as a member of different non-profit Boards, has lead fundraising projects, has created new organizations from formation of the legal structure to obtaining an original Board, has advised struggling groups, has worked on programming, has initiated new protocols, has worked on capital and operational fund drives, has germinated endowment concepts, and has acted as spokesperson for different events.

Len has a vivid imagination and finds creative and unusual ways to solve situations which can often lead to multiple successes.

Student and School Coach
For 14 years Len has advised parents about school choices for their children. This ranges from elementary schools to home schooling to high school choices and beyond to college. It is part of her practice of cultural knowledge and her keen interest in availing the most appropriate education to everyone.

Personal Coach
Len created a personal myth process for knowing thyself. She works with individuals who seek to deepen their own voices and understanding of life, able to express them and choose directions to take. See Myth Maps description above.