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Improve Your Ability to Recall Words, Recognize Names, and Process Information Accurately with Improved Memory and Clarity of Thought

The Tomatis® Method is a portable, educational application that delivers results that transform learning, reading, focus, recall and more.

What is memory loss at menopause and why is it important?

Good memory is critical. It is the internal human information storage that creates behavioral boundaries and personal histories around which we run our lives. If you are struggling with memory loss and you are of menopause age, it can affect all aspects of your life such as social interaction, family relationships, expressing yourself, staying engaged in a conversation or being in a relationship.

The Tomatis Method improves memory, word recall and name recognition for people of all ages. What was once difficult becomes natural and easy.

The Tomatis Method is a portable application based on the work of Dr. Tomatis. The program builds on our knowledge that the ear is the first organ to grow in utero (Read more). Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis, the ear, nose and throat physician who developed the Tomatis Method and its patented technology, discovered that by changing the ear and how a person listens, the entire body changes.

How do I know if I have poor memory?

Many people find that they have one or more of the symptoms of poor listening, including difficulty perceiving words or clarity of thought, shown on our Listening Checklist. Some people have experienced ear infections, a difficult birthing process, a childhood disease, an accident, aging, or the loss of a close relative or cherished pet that may impact memory. There appears to be a relationship between menopause and a change in accessing memory.

Whatever the cause, it is possible to develop or regain good memory. The individualized programs and unique methodology of the Tomatis Method can help improve memory.

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What Some Tomatis Method Clients Have to Say

“One day when shopping, I recalled where I had parked my car – the first time I could remember directions in years!”

— Frances, age 52

“My mind is sharper, recalling easily my schedule for the day, who to phone, what I have to do. I am more efficient and I feel happy that I’m thinking better.”

— Jean, age 58

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